Sunday, October 25, 2020

What About a Magazine?

   Hello, after a long silence! I have updates to make, including about what I've been up to the past couple months, but until then...what do you think of me starting a magazine? It would be for single women, about topics pertinent to single women. Do you have any name suggestions? Topics you would like covered? Should it be a paper magazine or an e-zine? Don't be afraid to let me know in the comments!

  Stay tuned for more new posts! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sour Times at the Sweet Shop

   The Quiet Photographer (one of my many nicknames) was quietly strolling through a local candy shop when she decided to take some pictures. All the colors blended together were too tantalizing to resist, so she paused at the Lindor chocolates.

                All the colors of the taffy blended together well, and could also be used for backgrounds...

  All this camera clicking was making the owner of this dazzling array quite nervous. She asked me if I needed help, or "why was I taking pictures of the stuff she has for sale"? This, of course, hurt The Quiet Photographer's tender heart (if she may say so) and caused tears. Why was she asked such a question when she was so innocent?

  So, to compensate, she purchased a bag of Sour Rings, which were expensive, but good. And she left, wiser and better.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

July Jaunts

  This month, I've taken several excursions--both not far away. The first one was on my bike, beside the high-voltage power lines. Here's a picture of the male osprey I saw, landing on the nest:

  Yesterday, I took a walk at a nearby park; it was about a 3-mile jaunt. Here's the bridge I walked across to get there:


   I saw a female mallard duck swimming in the river:

    I noticed a brown creature hopping across the trail. Upon looking closer, I discovered this tiny frog:

  Later, I found a few more. I thought this would make an interesting picture...let me know what you think.😏

I also walked along the edge of a potato field--here are a few potato blossoms among the million others:

  What kinds of jaunts have you taken this month? Let me know in the comments; don't just read--respond!😊

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Fifty Shades of Brown

  I've been pondering this issue for weeks, even before the George Floyd incident. I know people are unhappy with what they think was racism; maybe it was. However, how will looting and toppling down statues solve anything?
  People would do well, when considering issues of skin color, to realize three things:

1. There is only one race.

  Since we all come from Adam and Eve, there is only one race of people. There wasn't a Hispanic Adam and Eve, a Caucasian Adam and Eve, or an Indian Adam and Eve...they were just how God made them to be! People moved to different parts of the world, but we all come from the same two people.

2. We're all related.

  You may be from Switzerland, England, or Australia; but since we all come from the same two people, we're all related. Even if we're sixteenth cousins four times removed, we're still kin.

3. Nobody is black or white.

  If you don't believe me, then take a black piece of paper and hold it up to your "black" skin. Is your skin the same color? No, it's brown. And if I were to hold a piece of white paper next to my skin, I wouldn't be white either--I'd be brown, too. I'm just a lighter shade of brown than Martin Luther King Jr. and the Ethiopian eunuch.

  So, shall we change the song to "Shades of brown from dark to light/They are precious in His sight"?😊

                                P.S. Hope, our cat, is both black, white, AND brown!!

Monday, June 22, 2020

The Creativity of God

I'm sure you've all seen tulips...
                                           ...BUT HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED INSIDE?
Or the inside of a jack-in-the-pulpit?
                                             Ever knelt to see ground ivy growing in the grass?
Or seen a lady's slipper blooming as you pass?

And if you don't like flowers, how about birds?
From the "blue" indigo bunting...(did you know they're really black?) the pileated woodpecker, for whom wood will be no lack...
The evasive spotted wood thrush, who sings the sweetest song... the black-throated blue warbler, that hides the whole day long...

Okay, you're still not satisfied? You can't see God's creativity because you aren't a bird-watcher or looking for flowers?
Well, here are some animals, then!
From the pesky little groundhog, (or a woodchuck, if from the South,) the jumpy little frogs, with their frowny little mouth (which one do you like better?)

Maybe you'd rather see a chipmunk, who's just peeking from the sod?
Now have I proven to you

Sunday, May 17, 2020

When I Took a Bike Ride, I Saw...

                                                    Two moose, including this one.
                                      A pair of ospreys; this is the female landing on the nest.
                                           Here's Mr. Osprey, keeping an eye on me!
                A butterfly, which I've identified before but can't exactly remember the name of.
                                                   Deep-fried fiddleheads, anyone?
             Here's a Northern Flicker, keeping a sharp lookout from his home in the birch tree.

            This squirrel picture wasn't taken today, but I thought it was too cute not to post!😊

Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Bird Nerd Reports

Thought I'd show you some of the birds I've seen this year:

This is a hooded merganser. I had seen them before, but never gotten a good picture.

Here's an agitated female mallard, taken the same day.

This bird is a white-winged crossbill.

These are wood ducks, the first time I'd ever seen any.

Here's an European Starling, in a snowy tree.

This yellow-rumped warbler (or myrtle warbler,) was outside my window just this morning.

We've been hearing a pair of birds for a while, just up the road, but we could never figure out exactly what they were. Now, according to this picture I took on our walk this afternoon, we think it's a red-shouldered hawk.

Have you been seeing any interesting birds lately?